That’s the number of arrest warrants issued in Ferguson last year for nonviolent crimes. Compare that to the population of 21,135 people.

Ferguson is making bank off its own citizens

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Of Ferguson’s $20 million in revenue in 2013, $2.6 million of that was a result of these arrests. That’s good for the city’s second-highest income stream”

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More white people believe in ghosts than in racial discrimination | Death & Taxes Mag

This month, following the police shooting of Michael Brown and then the police-led violence against demonstrations calling for justice, one would think that any skepticism regarding the existence of racial discrimination in the U.S. would be eradicated.

And although it’s finally the topic of mainstream discussion, according to a Pew/MSNBC poll, it turns out more white people believe in ghosts than in “discrimination against blacks.”

Not only do 17% of the people polled believe in ghosts, but they also think they’ve “interacted” with them. So, racial discrimination based on hundreds of years of well-documented systematic oppression? Nah. High-fiving supernatural beings, of which there exists absolutely no evidence? Yep!

I believe more in ghosts than in racial bias in America
Becausethere is no racial biased in America

I bet your “colorblind”aren’t ya?

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Earthlings is one of the most powerful movies I have ever seen, and reccommend that everyone sees it. The world cannot ignore animal cruelty and slavery any longer. Animal advocates need to speak up louder than ever, as ignorance is high and cruelty is on the rise. Chosing not to take a position…



Those of you who are vegan and avoid leather, Toms brand uses PIG LEATHER for soles, which I did not know after receiving them as a gift. I wore them all the time and thought the brand was commendable for their social efforts, but honestly I can’t support them anymore. A few pairs of vegan options…